Hello world

Greetings from Shanghai.

I’ve been thinking about opening up my own technology blog for a while, but couldn’t find a satisfying choice of a really nice and *free* blogging site until I’ve been a reader of JRoller blogs for a while. So now I’ve decided to open up my own blog here on JRoller. It’s a really nice place with really nice tech blogs.

So the first and difficult thing is to have a name for my new home. It’s a JRoller/Roller/Roller Coaster/working in the software industry is like riding a roller coaster/I live in Shanghai/Shanghai Roller Coaster…That’s it! Actually my other personal non-tech blog is called “Don’t Panic”. These two names are quite a nice match, eh?

Then my native language is Chinese. How about I18N support here? ????
Oops..No Chinese support. That’s bad.

Okay, I guess this serves as a nice introduction piece as the opening. See you soon.