Installing Guake on Ubuntu Gutsy (with Compiz Fusion)

I’m a fan of FPS games (like Quake) and always fancy having the Quake style drop-down consoles for the operating system I use. Luckily there are some good ones for Linux. I used to use Tilda but it’s kind of flakey under Ubuntu with Beryl/Compiz.

Lately I switched to Guake, a new FPS style console that’s claimed to “meld the best of them (Yakuake and Tilda) into a single GTK-based application”. Having used it for a while now, I can tell that Guake is really promising, and it plays very nice with Compiz Fusion under my Gutsy amd64.

But the installation of Guake has several glitches to overcome and the home page has few information as of now. So here are my tips about the installation.

1. For Ubuntu Gutsy you need to have the following packages first.


2. There are two ways to install Guake from source: Download and install the 0.1 package or install from git.

If you download the 0.1 tarball, just follow the usual routine of “./configure && make” and “sudo make install” to get it installed. But before Guake will work, you must perform one additional step.

gconftool-2 –install-schema-file=/usr/local/etc/gconf/schemas/guake.schemas

If you install from git, the steps are

sh autogen.sh./configure && make

sudo make install

The finishing steps also include the above one final step for tarball installation. But somehow the latest git version fails to copy some graphic files during the install. So you have to do that yourself.

sudo cp /path/to/guake/data/pixmaps/* /usr/local/share/pixmaps/guake/